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7 Book Bundle - 2012

$20.00 AUD

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Operation Condor - 2012

$3.50 AUD

Awakening in hospital to a strange world due to loss of memory was the start of a new life for Peter Smith. Many questions could be asked but little was...

Cruise into Danger - 2010

$3.50 AUD

First officer Brian Morrison, refreshed after six weeks leave, was pleased to be back on board the cruise boat "Orient Pacific" about to depart on a 22 day Pacific Cruise....

The Drug Connection - 2009

$3.50 AUD

After tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and living with the dangers ever present in those locations, Shane O'Connor was pleased to be back to the relevant safety of an Australian...

The Whitsunday Saga - 2009

$3.50 AUD

When police inspector Brad McManus was selected to review the investigation of a number of unsolved murders in his home town of Mackay in North Queensland it appeared that it...

Escape from Singapore - 2008

$3.50 AUD

Captain Paul Henson of the "Pacific Trader" knew that Singapore Harbour was not the place to be with the Japanese army taking all before it as it made its way...

Close call in Arnhem - 2008

$3.50 AUD

It was most certainly a twist of fate that brought Mike McNamara, a Queensland Cattleman, and the beautiful Northern Territory Aerial Ambulance Nursing Sister Margaret O'Brien together on that fateful...

Trek to the Victoria - 2007

$3.50 AUD

Little did Aussie fruit farmer Brian Mitchell, a confirmed bachelor, know that the safari he intended to join and enjoy as a well earned holiday would turn into a life...

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